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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
As far as I know, neither the Crawford or the Phillipps is considered to be a copy of an Eastern Peshitta NT. The Crawford is said to be produced by Syrian Orthodox (Jacobite) monks, but I haven't heard who is said to have produced Phillips, but since it has many of the same readings as the SP and Curetonian versions, I think it safe to say that it was produced west of the Euphrates, not being a copy produced by monks of The Church of the East, such as produced the Khabouris Codex, and its exemplar.

Looking at Acts 20:28 in the Crawford Codex will tell us its origin easy enough.

If we could find a real Peshitta NT (Eastern Text), and it has ܒܣܦܝܢܬܐ there in Mark 1:20, then we would have a problem to deal with, concerning which reading was the more original.

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