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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
Found #26

Again, while not having a bearing on doctrine, there is another variant to take note of, as found in the Eastern Peshitta and the Western version of its text.

Acts 21:13 Eastern Peshitta reads "...Eshu' M'shikha." at the end of the verse.

The UBS reads "...Eshu'." and follows the Greek texts, which is not a surprise, since it seems sure to me now, after seeing a number of correlations between them, that the UBS critical text has used ADD MS 14474, a Western Jacobite MS, for its text of at least the book of Acts.

The Eastern Peshitta reading translations this time:
John Etheridge, James Murdock, Andrew Roth (revising Murdock), Joseph Pashka, George Lamsa, Lonnie Martin, and Victor Alexander.

The Western Peshitto reading translations this time:
David Bauscher, Janet Magiera, Frances Werner, Herb Jahn, The Way International.

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