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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
Just found another variant reading between the Eastern and Western texts, and I'll adjust the stats at the top of the thread for future reference.

While this isn't a major variation between the texts, it is enough to note, and see which text the English translations go with.

In this case it's in Acts 18:23, as I have been slowly going verse by verse, word by word through the texts, methodically...and I see here in the Eastern Aramaic MSS. and Eastern Peshitta printed texts, namely The Khabouris MS., The 1199 (Ashael Grant) MS., The Mingana MS., The 1846 Urmia printed Peshitta text, and the 1886 printed Peshitta text, all have the reading "in the regions of Phrygia and of Galatia", rather than how it reads in the UBS, which reading is also found in the The Way International's printing of ADD MS 14473, (a Jacobite MS.) clearly of Western origin. It has the regions reversed as such "in the regions of Galatia and of Phrygia."

Note: In Acts 16:6...the regions they traveled in are given in reverse order as here, but I see that in 18:23, it reads that they went around (lit. wrapped around), so, it seems that they made a circle, traveling from the South-East to the South-West, then up to the North-West around to the North-East, then back down to the South-East again....rather than going straight through one region (Galatia-East) to get to the other region (Phrygia-West), see a good Bible map.

It seems harmless enough here, but, there it is folks...and just to note, the Western version (Peshitto) of the original Peshitta's text, follows the order of the Greek text here. <!-- s:oha: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/oha.gif" alt=":oha:" title="Oha!" /><!-- s:oha: -->


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