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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
Found another variant...

So far, these variants have been few and far between in the Eastern Aramaic Peshitta NT and the Western version of its text, as I have been going line by line from Hebrews back to Matthew, comparing the Khabouris with the UBS, and checking some other Eastern MSS, I have found another in Acts 3:6 and added it to the list and updated the stats in the 1st two posts of this thread, showing how they each read, and which English translations goes with either one.

Some surprises this time.

The Eastern text as found in the Khabouris, Grant, and Mingana Codex, have "...d'Maran Eshu' M'Shikha..." (of our Lord Jesus Christ) and the Western version, as represented by the UBS critical text, has "d'Eshu' M'Shikha" (of Jesus Christ) which matches the Greek reading.

Lamsa goes against the KJV translation reading from the Greek this time, and sticks with the Eastern Peshitta reading, and it's strange that Roth, in his 1st edition anyway, chose to go against the reading of the Eastern Peshitta, against the Khabouris and the Murdoch translation...and even his Aramaic text to the right shows the UBS reading, rather than the Khabouris reading, which he says he translated from. This may have been a slip up on his part, if not done knowingly, because, unless I'm wrong, I think he used the UBS text, and edited it to read like the Khabouris text, but, in this case may have missed the variant. Not sure the reason.

Though I didn't add Joseph Pashka's translation in the stats, he goes with the Eastern Text, while showing the Western reading in brackets. Etheridge, Murdoch, Martin, and Alexander all have the Eastern Peshitta reading "of our Lord Eshu' M'Shikha"

ADD MSS 14473, which is a Jocobite produced manuscript has the Western reading in it's text, thus found it's way into The Way International's translation, and Magiera's translation as a result. Bauscher, Jahn, and Werner, as ussual stick with the UBS text, which has the Western reading.

Also the 1886 Peshitta NT on this site has the Eastern reading, as does the Church of the East produced manuscripts. I'm not sure where Paul got his version though, which has the western reading for some reason, and may have been missed when putting that text together? I've sent him a message about it, but haven't heard back yet.


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