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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
I have edited the 1st entry to now read this way. It's a quandary for sure, this verse. Is it Eastern or Western in Origin?

1: Matthew 6:32
Khabouris Peshitta: The Khabouris, in it's secondary script (East Adiabene), which is a later scribal replacement page, has ?the Nations of the World.? as does Younan's Interlinear, Etheridge, Murdoch, Roth, Magiera, Alexander, Pashka, and Lamsa. The Curetonian text reads as The Khabouris Peshitta text does here. The Diatessaron of 165 A.D. text in its extant 10th century Arabic translation from an 8th century Aramaic Ms. has the Khabouris Peshitta reading. Neither the Latin or any of the Greek versions have "of the World".

UBS Peshitto: has ?the Nations", as does Bauscher, Jahn, and A. Frances Werner. Lon Martin has "the heathen" and The Way International's ANT & MS. ADD 14453 (5th-6th century) doesn't have "d'Alma" (of the World) in that Aramaic MS. The Mingana Ms. reads the same as the UBS text and the 1199 A.D. "Asahel Grant" Ms. does too, both being clearly Eastern Peshitta Ms....which begs the the reading "of the World" actually an Eastern Peshitta reading?


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