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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
mickoy Wrote:Hi Guys,
before and after each Gospel of the Murdock Peshitto translation i found this:

The Holy Gospel, the Announcement of Matthew the Legate.

Completion of the Holy Gospel as published by Matthew; and which he published in Hebrew, in the land of the Palestineans.

The Holy Gospel, the Annunciation of Mark the Evangelist.

Completion of the Holy Gospels, the announcement of Mark; which he uttered and proclaimed in Latin at Rome.


The Holy Gospel, the Annunciation of Luke the Evangelist;
which he uttered and preached, in Greek, at Great Alexandria.

Completion of the holy Gospel of Luke the Evangelist.


The Holy Gospel, the Proclamation of John the Herald;
which he uttered and proclaimed, in Greek, at Ephesus.

Completion of the Holy Gospel, the announcement of John the Evangelist; which he uttered, in Greek, at Ephesus.

What you think about that? Is there any Peshitta version which have this in exact the same way as well?

Kind regards

Hi guys,
i wonder no comment on this ??????

Kind regards

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