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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
Thirdwoe Wrote:There is another English translation out now, by A. Frances Werner, called the "Ancient Roots Transliner Bible". The OT is said to be translated from the Hebrew text, and the NT is said to be from the Aramaic text which is "supported by The Apostolic Catholic Church of the East", but it does not, as the translation is clearly from the Western Peshitto version of The Peshitta NT.

The Translation is interesting, in that it's sort of like The Amplified Bible translation of the Greek NT.

"the Messiah", "Jesus", "the Lord Jesus", Spirit-wind, The Holy Spirit-wind, the Lord (Yahweh), and "God", are used in the translation. It blurs the lines with the instances of "Lord"...making 2 Lord's, when The Scriptures tells us we have only One Lord.

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