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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
Thirdwoe Wrote:I have also taken a few mins and added those readings to the list on the 1st page of this thread, where The Diatessaron has in its text, those readings which agree with that of The Peshitta text, against those of the Peshitto version where it's aligned with the readings found in the Greek text that it was influenced by.

This shows that The Diatessaron could not be from the Greek text, but rather from the text of The Peshitta NT, which it agrees with against the Greek...and thus with the Western Peshitto version.

Hi Chuck,
you are sure about that? I came across other points of view about the Evangelion Damhalte, i am not sure about this!

Quote from Wiki:
How the Gospel text that was a standard in Syriac Christianity for possibly as long as two centuries should have utterly disappeared requires explaining. Theodoret, bishop of Cyrrhus on the Euphrates in upper Syria in 423, suspecting Tatian of having been a heretic, sought out and found more than two hundred copies of the Diatessaron, which he "collected and put away, and introduced instead of them the Gospels of the four evangelists". Thus the harmonisation was replaced in the 5th century by the canonical four gospels individually, in the Peshitta version, whose Syriac text nevertheless contains many Diatessaronic readings. Gradually, without extant copies to which to refer, the Diatessaron developed a reputation for having been heretical.

Kind regards

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