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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
Hi Chuck,
from were you got the information that the Diatessaron agrees with the Peshitta?

In an introduction from an latin version i found this information, quote from Philip Schaff:
Statements about the Diatessaron.?One of the most widely known is that of Isho?dad
himself, who, in his Preface to the Gospel of Mark, says: ?Tatian, disciple of Justin, the philosopher
and martyr, selected from the four gospels, and combined and composed a gospel, and called it
Diatessaron, i.e., the Combined,?and upon this gospel Mar Ephraem commented.? Dionysius
Bar Salibi (twelfth century) repeats each of these phrases, adding, ?Its commencement was, ?In the
beginning was the Word.? These statements identify the author of the Diatessaron with a man
otherwise known, and tell us that the great Syrian father Ephraem (d. 373) wrote a commentary on
it. Unfortunately, no Syriac MS. of Ephraem?s work is known to have survived;but quotations
from it, or allusions to it, are being found in other Syriac writers. One further reference will suffice
for the present. Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrrhus, four hundred years before Isho?dad, wrote thus in
his book on Heresies (written in 453): ?Tatian the Syrian.?This [writer] also composed the gospel
which is called Diatessaron, cutting out the genealogies and whatever other passages show that
the Lord was born of the seed of David according to the flesh.?

We have no Aramaic version, so how can someone say for sure it agrees with the Peshitta?

Kind regards

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