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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?

No problem with me...I believe many things that are True, even though I can't totally give proof that it is true. But with The Aramaic Bible...there are a lot of things which point to it being from the 1st century and most likely the original form of the NT.

But, the facts seems to be, that there is little evidence to prove for certain it either to when, by whom, and where the Aramaic Scriptures, OT & NT 1st came to be in this world. I wish you Godspeed in trying to discover the answers to those questions. Let us know what you find, so we can examine the evidence.

For me, like Jeremy has said, The Text speaks for itself and it is a wonderful text to behold, as you seem to agree. To me, it's like this. Aramaic Bible=Gold, Greek Bible=Silver, Latin Bible=Bronze. They all have their worth.

I haven't studied the Aramaic speaking Church Father's, so I can't say if those before the 4th century quotes from the Aramaic Bible or not...have you? Can you show me examples where this can be proven? If so, please do, as I would like to know what is really there or not in the record.

And remember, Tatian lived in 150 A.D. and he knew about the Aramaic Scriptures, he being an Assyrian. He edited The Aramaic NT and made the 1st Harmony of the four Gospel's readings. If you compare the Diatessaron's readings with those found in the current Peshitta Gospels, you will know how old the Aramaic of the Peshitta is. I have done this and am convinced.


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