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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?


No conspiracy I didn't even read all of that article, and gave the link so you and others could read the whole thing in context if desired...and just because something is said in an article, doesn't make it true. Most of what is said is opinions and guesses.

I have said all along that what was seen on the altar with a date of 78 A.D. was the Gospels, as that has always been the way The Church of the East was had a separate volume. To this day. But that doesn't mean that the Apostolic Letters were not also given to The Church of the East as well during that time.

The Aramaic Scriptures are not "late", Mic...they didn't just appear one day in the 4th or 5th century. They were used by The Aramaic speaking Church of the East all along, and they existed since the 1st century. Even the Syrian Orthodox Church says this...Maybe you think that all they had was a Greek Bible to read?

Listen Mic, you are free to continue to believe what you like, it won't bug me if you don't think or believe like I do. And you are free to read and study any version of the Bible you like. I read and study from the Aramaic, Greek and Latin versions all the time.


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