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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
Hi Chuck,
followring your link i found this in context:

The subscription of a Syriac manuscript of the four Gospels, mentioned in the second volume of Assemani, page 486, goes so far as to determine the name of the translator. The words are as follows: ?At Edessa was a written Gospel, ancient but still legible. Not a single iota was erased, and it could more easily be read than many modern books, but by reason of its great age the first ten leaves had been lost. At the end was the following subscription: ?This sacred book was finished on Wednesday the eighteenth day of the first month Conun (December), in the year 389 (of the Greeks, i.e., in the year of Christ 78), by
the hand of the Apostle Achaeus, a fellow-laborer of Mar Maris, and a disciple of the Apostle Mar Adaeus, whom we entreat to pray for us. Amen.??
But Ridley, in his dissertation De Syriacis Versionibus Novi Testamenti, page 20, has made very weighty objections: (1) If Achaeus be the same person whose name is sometimes written Aghaeus, who is described as the successor of Thaddaeus, and predecessor of Mar Maris at Edessa, it cannot possibly have been written in 78, because Achaeus died in 48. (2) At least three of the Gospels, and the epistles, were not written before his death. To these objections it may be added that even in the year 78, the several books of the New Testament could hardly have been collected into a volume, an event which undoubtedly took place before the Syriac version was made.....

You quoted only a part and forgot the look at the next section in context!

About Ephrem, he quoted the Peshitta in the 4th century, we know that it did exist in that time already from the colophon in the KHABOURIS CODEX, the colophon says that the copy of the Peshitta (Khabouris Codex) was made from an original in the time of the great persecution in the Persian Empire called "radptha rabba", which was in the 4th century under Shapur II (310-379 AD)! That fits very well together!

So we have here a proof only, that the Peshitta did exist in the 4th century and we know that the Peshitta replaced the four gospel version in the 5th century in the Syria/Aramaic speaking churches (you never answered my question, why so late)!

Kind regards

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