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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?

"Ephrem, who lived about the year of Christ 370, quotes the New Testament according to the Syriac version now extant. See his Syriac works, published at Rome, Vol. 1, pages 18, 37, 137, 189, 221, 313, 318, 357, 395, where we find the following passages quoted from our literal Syriac version: John 1:3, John 13:16, Col. 3:5, Gal. 1:1, Mt. 22:40, Eph. 2:19, I Tim. 6:6, I Pet. 1:11, Mt. 3:17, Lk. 1:78, and Gal. 3:13. It is true that some examples in his quotations are somewhat different, where he either quoted from memory, or found in his copy a reading different from our own, but it is certain that he used the Peshitta. The foregoing observation was first made by my father, in his Remarks on Bengel?s Treatise de Sinceritate N. T. Tuenda. Ridley, in his Dissertation De Versionibus Syriacis N. T., Section 7, carried the investigation still further; but the most complete and most accurate treatise on this subject is Storr?s Observationes Super N. T. Versionibus Syriacis. Ephrem, in his exposition of the Old Testament, refers constantly to the Syriac version; and as every Christian would begin his translation of the Bible with the part which is the most important, the version of the New Testament must have been made long before the time of Ephrem."

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