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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
Thirdwoe Wrote:Differences between the Eastern Peshitta Text, (as witnessed in the Khabouris Codex) & the Western Peshitto Text (as given in the BFBS/UBS 1905/1920 critical edition), showing most of the English translations compared with each other, to see which versions, Eastern/Western, they go with. Murdoch sometimes puts the Eastern reading of the verse in [brackets], and I?ve put his name in brackets to indicate when he does so. I've also compared the Sinaitic Palimpsest (Old Scratch) and The Curetonian (Old Syriac) texts were applicable, as well as the readings of MS. ADD 14453, 14470, 14473, and 14475 all 5th-6th century Aramaic New Testament Manuscripts, in Estrangelo script, as printed in The Way International's "The Aramaic New Testament: Estrangelo Script".


THanks Thirdwoe,

I've been checking it. Only Hebrews 2:9 seems to be intentionally corrupted somewhere. I tend to believe the Peshitta is Original reading since the old greek is preserved by a churchfather who quoted this verse.

I must say that all claims who say that scripture is wilfully corrupted has very little evidence. The same is for the Vaticanus. You can read all those 'left-out' verses but they are seldomly about doctrinal corruptions.
The same is for codex Bazae. When I saw the phrases that are existing only in that codex, I really wonder what church power forced those writers to make difference. I just guess, they were skillful copywriters or just not.

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