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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?

"Melito, who lived about the year 170, explicitly declared that a Syriac version of the Bible existed at that time, for in his Commentary on the Septuagint, in a comment on Genesis 22:13 he says, ?The Syriac and the Hebrew have in this passage the word ?hanging,? in order to convey a more conspicuous analogy of the Cross.? Manes, also, in his disputes with the Christians of the East, quoted the New Testament; yet he is known to have been ignorant of Greek, and could have read the New Testament only in Syriac; the version is therefore earlier than the age of Manes. Lastly, it appears from the testimony of Jerome that the Syriac Bible was read publicly in the churches in his time, for he says that Ephrem the Syrian is held in such veneration that his writings are read in several churches immediately after the lessons from the Bible..."


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