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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
Paul Younan Wrote:Mickoy,

You've piqued my curiosity. In the ancient texts, there were no "chapters" or "lines" for that matter.

Can you give any more information directly from the supposed source of the claim?


Hi Paul,
according to Dr. Rocco Errico,
the first 2 chapters were on a separated scroll and added later! As you know the word "Kthawa" means scroll, book, record, roll!
Quote from: The message of Matthew, an annotated parallel Aramaic-English Gospel of Matthew

"The first and second chapters of Matthew serve as a foreword to his gospel.It is believed by the majority of New Testament experts that chapter 1 and 2, which are refer to as the Infancy Narrrative, first appeared on a separate scroll which was not originally a part of Matthews book. These scholars also tell us that verses 18-25 were completely independent in origin from the genealogical table(verses 1-17)."

That fits together with what the "church fathers" said about the "hebrew Matthew" (see above!)
I agree with you, what i mean with "chapters" is as we have it today!

Kind regards

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