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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
Hi Chuck,
Nicephorus, when drawing up his list
of canonical and apocryphal books, stated that the Gospel of the
Hebrews contained only 2200 lines, 300 fewer than Matthew. It has
been suggested that these three hundred lines are the birth narratives
of the first and second chapters of our canonical Matthew.

In the "Gospel of the Hebrews", written in the Chaldee and Syriac language but in Hebrew script, and used by the Nazarenes to this day
(I mean the Gospel of the Apostles, or, as it is generally maintained, Matthew's gospel, a copy of which is in the library at Caesarea) - Jerome,
Pelag. 3.2

According to Pantaenus, it was also in circulation in India, having been brought there by Bartholomew not by Thomas!.
Pantaenus became head of the School in Alexandria and was responsible for much of the Library in Caesarea.
In this library was preserved a copy of the Gospel of the Hebrews. The Nazarenes of Beroea gave a copy to Jerome.

Kind regards

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