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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
The Texas RAT Wrote:Luc, I know it may sound like a lot but it is something you could think about, being you have already wrote the Introduction to the Aramaic text to the AENT, you could quickly edit the public domain Western PeshittO 1905 version unto an Eastern PeshittA Text for public domain. And that way the AENT and any others that would want to use it could. You could even make it as a PDF and post it on the Internet for free downloading. It would not take you 10 minutes to get rid of the Western verses and wording in few places. Of course it would take a little longer to convert the rest of the variant wording that really does not change anything other than spellings here and there. It would be the first TRUE Eastern Aramaic PeshittA Text since the Khaboris Codex in the 10th century. Making a translation is way harder than just editing the Western PeshittO to be the Eastern PeshittA being the Western PeshittO used the Eastern PeshittA as a base Text to start with.
Ha, if I was retired! I work 60 hours a week with two prayer meetings and two bible studies/Yeshivot on top of it, Shabbat completely set aside for fellowship, worship and prayer, and then I have to prepare three sermons for the next month and a half. My only down time was picking apart the AENT (some people watch soap operas, I find translation errors in Hebrew Roots Bibles, haha). But if Roth wanted to put together a team of Netzarim to work on the AENT, I would maybe consider it. But I wouldn't want to do just another patch job on the 1905. I would want to do it right and have all the grammatical variations and voweling correct as well, which would require me to go line by line with a Hebrew keyboard and special programming.

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