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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
Thanks, Shamasha Paul,

In their intro to their "The Aramaic New Testament: Estrangelo Script", TWI says that they used MS 14453, 14470, 14473, and 14475 for the 22 books. And for the W5, used the Harklean and Crawford text, via John Gwynn's editions.

Here is some info on each of these MS.
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Acts 20:28 is said to be translated by them from MS 14473 which they show as reading "the church of God" in their literal translation, where "d'Alaha" is shown in their printed Aramaic text of the MS.

In the list of the 17 variants at the top of this thread, I show the other place in their edition, which show that some verses are of the Eastern reading, and some are from the western reading, which in these places (Eastern), don't match the BFBS/UBS text. A mixed bag.


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