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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?

Thanks for showing that link Luc, I wished he would have listed the places where he thought they blew it though...none is listed.

Quote:It is clear that the Aramaic interlinear lists accurate readings of many verses which contradict The Way's preferred teachings. Yet, on other verses the interlinear goes out of its way to include wording guaranteed to please Way leaders. Why these differences? Perhaps some of the team members who worked on the book were anxious to please Way leaders, while others intended to reflect the true readings of the Aramaic even when they contradicted The Way's party line.

In summary, The Way's Aramaic publications are hindered by the team's desire to maintain some of its founder's errors. Nonetheless, the books were done with sufficient accuracy to maintain much of the truth of God's Word and provide Christians with new tools to support traditional teachings.

Which "errors" and which "wording" is he talking about? Why even mention this, if he is not going to show at least one example? This is a critical review for godness sake! lol

Anyway...he covers some of the verses already, showing that they support the doctrine of Christ's Deity, not undercut it...I'll show the other verses you guys listed to round it out. But this looks to be awesome...and the fact that it comes from 4 of the oldest texts, is great...we already have 2 1/2 interlinears from the UBS text...which may draw from these 4 as well...but so far, I see more Eastern readings in it, than Western, as the UBS has...though it has it's share as well, and some big ones. These MS, might be copies from the Syriac Othodox Church...I'm not sure of their origins as yet.


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