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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
Amen, yes, that should suffice as we have strayed more so from discussing the text. But to bring it back, I think it's great that James 3:9 is worded this way in the Peshitta as it is not only unique within the textual record, but really speaks to some of this which we have been discussing. And if similar theology is promoted among the church founders, then this also goes back to show the importance of the way the Peshitta renders things.

I also noticed upon a closer look at this passage that there is a difference between Eastern and Western as well. Nothing that changes how you would translate it, but in the Eastern it reads "beh m'varchiyn chanan l'Marya" where as the Western text (taken from UBS) combines the underlined word with the word before it (bless) so it reads "beh m'varchinan l'Marya". Same thing happens in a second occurrence in the verse. Vowel pointing between east and west is of course different as well (different to the point that I would say that Roth's text would sound 100% western, although the meaning is identical to the east).

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