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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
Thirdwoe Wrote::
Also, James 3:9 has a very interesting reading where MarYa or Master YHWH and The Father or Our Father is differentiated.
I have found this very interesting as well! The differentiation or distinction could have some interesting theological inmplications or at least provoke some interesting discussion. If Marya simply meant Lord, it would be a simple reference to Yeshua and the Father. But if Marya refers to Master Yah, then it adds a heightened element to this statement with it's differentiation, which reminds me of something you brought up in another thread Chuck (but that's a theological bunny trail). Greek critical text has them linked (our Lord and Father); textus receptus has God (The God and Father) which Franz translated as haElohim avinu (God our Father; it's part of Dukhrana's interlinear now so I always check it for fun).

Paul if you're reading this, how would you treat this verse? Do you agree that the grammatical differentiation in this verse says something theologically?

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