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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?
For the Gospels he states, "This translation of the Four Gospels has been made directly from the Syriac. The text chiefly followed is that of Gutbir, 1664, compared with the editions of Paris, G.F. Boderiani, 1584, Walton in the London Polygot, and Schaaf's of 1709."

In the preface of his Acts-Revelation volume, Etheridge states, "For the sake of rendering the work as complete as possible, there is added a translation of the Epistles and Book of Revelation, wanting in the Peschito Canon, from the more modern Syriac texts first edited by Dr. Pococke and Louis De Dieu, so as to comprise all the holy books which we receive as inspired New-Testament Scripture. With regard to the Acts and Epistles, the edition which the translator has followed has been that of Schaaf, on account of its having been a sort of textus receptus of the Syriac Testament throughout the theological world. This has been collated with others, as occasionally indicated in the margin."

So he used several editions of the Peshitto in his translation. I still find it interesting that he almost always went with the Peshitta reading instead of the Peshitto.

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