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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?

In that particular town, yes, where he shook off the dust and gave up preaching to the Jews in that place...but then he moved away some distance and moved into the house of a Man who lived next door to the Synagogue, and converted the Synagogue President and his whole family!!! ...and later, after he moved to Ephesus, he's recorded to be seeking out Disciples of Jesus there, who he learns had previously been Baptized by John in Israel, Jews... he teaching them the fuller Truth and Way, and imparting the Holy Spirit unto them....then what does he do? He spends the next three months preaching the Gospel in the Synagogue in Ephesus, then he takes all the converts he led to the Messiah, and teaches them daily in a School for the next 2 years...and many Jews and Gentiles come to Christ in all Asia during that time...see 19:1-10

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