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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?

Quote:Why would Paul, bringing an important message to the churches to which he wrote, use a Eastern and Semitic language (for the whole letter) to write to a church that mainly consisted of Greek speakers?

Dylan, take some time and go through the Book of Acts...and see to whom and to where The Apostle Paul speaks to and goes among, to build the Church outside of Israel...find out who the Berean's were for instance. In each city he went to, he sought out the Jews, in their places of worship and in their communities and schools...and he converted his future Church leaders from among these Jewish Men. Also, many of the Greeks, whom were converted, were regular members of these Jewish Synagouges and were part of the Communites...and most likely were Aramaic speakers to some degree. These were all Jewish communities that He lived, worked, and ministered among and these later would affect those around them. He was obeying, in each city, what Jesus had instructed His Apostles to do...go 1st to the Jews. These leaders who lead the Churches that he later wrote to, were the 1st Bishops/Pastors of the Churches...and for the 1st generation or so, most of these Men you see as leaders of the Churches, have Jewish names.

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