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Translations Compared: Eastern or Western?

The facts are, The Hebrew Prophets and Hebrew Apostles wrote The Words of The Old and New Testaments, by the inspiration of The Holy Spirit...and they were certainly not Greeks...none of them, they thought like Hebrews, and they talked like Hebrews, and they wrote like Hebrews, and God has preserved every Holy Word He uttered through them, in the Language that He chose to have them write His Words in...In the language in which they were fluent in...Their native tongue.

Eshu told His Disciples that The Holy Spirit would bring back to their memory everything that He had said...and we can be quite certain that it wasn't the Greek language that they heard speaking in their mind's memory, as they wrote down the sacred Words...

And tell me, O' Greek primacist...which Manuscript do you claim contains all His inspired Words? They say that not one single Greek copy reads the same way in all places as the which one would you chose? The Eastern Peshitta New Testament is the same in all places and has the correct form of The Holy Text. It stands in stark contrast to what's found among the many copies of the Greek versions...Glory to God, His Original Words have not been lost, added to, or corrupted by Men.

But, knowing this is true; I believe that His Message has gotten through, even in the defective copies...though a bit obscured in places.

I had spent over 25 years looking at the Greek texts and trying to figure out what English version best represented the Original New Testament Text...and had to give up on being certain which one was the right one...The Western, The Alexandrian, The Byzantine, The Textus Receptus, The Majority name it.

Then I found the lost coin, the hidden treasure!!!

The Eastern Peshitta doesn't come from any of those Greek textual families, as you can see, once you look through it closely. They all seem to come from it, with variants coming from translational decisions from Aramaic to if they are all streams from one pure source.

What you can see happening with all these Greek copies, that don't agree with each other in thousands of places, is what you would expect with translations, rather than a static Original Text, such as is true of The Eastern Aramaic Peshitta. Once you start to translate, or start to make changes, such as the Western Syriac scribes have done with their various "Peshitto" copies (which don't agree with themselves in many places), you get "families" that are particular to themselves...

There are no families among The Eastern Aramaic Peshitta Manuscript copies....they all agree with themselves! yourself a favor...check this out for yourself, and stop just going off what others have told you. Then you will truly know.


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