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Question For Brother Paul (Or Any Other Peshitta Scholar)

Quote:I'm not sure if I'd say that adding the Western Five makes it not be Peshitta though, Brother.

I don't say that, but adding the W5 makes it a Peshitta New Testament, ---> with the Western Peshitto books. For instance, The Khabouris Codex IS The Peshitta...and if one was to append the W5 to it, then you would have The Peshitta+the Peshitto's W5...BUT, even some of the earlier Western Peshitto Manuscripts lack the W5...while having the Peshitto readings in the other places of the non-W5 books. Aint this fun... lol

Quote:Quick question: is Magiera's translation mainly Peshitto or Peshitta?

From what I've seen, it has more of the Eastern readings in it than Mr. Bauscher?s does, though both add the Pericope Aldutera John 8:1-11. He adds acts 8:37 where she doesn?t. In Acts 15:34 Dave has it, Janet doesn?t. Dave?s has Luke 22:17-18, Janet?s doesn?t. For Acts 28:29, Dave?s has it, Janet?s doesn?t. Dave?s has the Western reading of Hebrews 2:16, where Janet?s has the Eastern reading.

While both say that they used the BFBS/UBS Critical Composite text, Dave sticks with its readings, while Janet says that she used it as a ?base text?, and we can see that she goes with some Eastern readings, not found in the BFBS/UBS text. Acts 8:37 is said to be absent in ALL Aramaic /Syriac Manuscripts, both East and West, but Dave chose to keep it, because it?s in the BFBS/UBS text?from the Greek. The reason is, that Dave seems to have convinced himself that the BFBS/UBS text is inspired, and thus represents 100% the Original Autograph in every place. And this based on his bible codes research, which is rather shady, once you know what happened there. I won?t go into that here though. Also, Dave needs to be upfront with the fact that it is the Western Peshitto that he chose to translate from, NOT the Eastern Peshitta. Janet makes this clear in her introduction, that even though she calls her translation a Peshitta translation, it?s really a Peshitto version, though less so, than Dave?s.

P.S. I just ordered Janet's "Messianc" version in paperback for 20 I think of all the Peshitto versions, she has the best one, as to accuracy and honesty in translation, and has a number of Eastern readings, which I've shown...though I haven't checked those with Murdoch, Etheridge, or Lamsa's versions yet...Im curios though.


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