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Question For Brother Paul (Or Any Other Peshitta Scholar)
I'm most likely to get the Magiera Messianic version first, it looks real good (using "Yeshue" instead of Yeshua is a little odd lol). I have the Etheridge, Murdock, and Lamsa translations in paperback with Bauscher and Roth in hardback. I have to say the Roth and Etheridge translations are my favorites, then Bauscher, Murdock, and Lamsa all not too far behind. I wish Magiera would release the Interlinear New Testament in one volume.

I have been using the Lamsa Bible quite a bit lately. It isn't the best but it is still a pretty good translation. I find it interesting how inconsistent Lamsa is with his translation of "devana" by sometimes translating it correctly and sometimes translating it with his own bias. The best example of this is in the story of the man/men with the legion of demons in the Synoptic Gospels (In Matthew and Mark they are called lunatics, in Luke they are said to be demon-possessed). I guess "insane" or "lunatics" is technically okay, as long as you understand the insanity to be spiritually caused and not natural! Even though the Lamsa Bible is one of my favorite translations to read, I would not use it for preaching (especially considering how KJV-only some of my church is).

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