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Question For Brother Paul (Or Any Other Peshitta Scholar)

Look for the thread called "Peshitta-Peshitto variants" in the forum, and a few lists are there, some minor, some major. There are only about 7 major differences in the whole NT, besides the extra 5 books that came into the Western Peshitto around the middle 4th century, from the Greek text of those long disputed books of the Western Church. The Eastern Peshitta was not influenced at all by the Greek copies, as was the Western Peshitto version of the Eastern Peshitta text.

What happened was, some of the scholars of the Western Syriac Orthodox Church, took the Peshitta, and made it conform to the Greek copy that was used in their lands, but we know that the Eastern Peshitta is the Original form, as seen in the 160 A.D. Diatessaron text, which has the Eastern Peshitta form. The Diatessaron (4 Gospel Harmony) by Tatian, was no doubt put together from 4 Aramaic Text Gospels, which were in Tatian's hands about 60 years after the last Apostle died (John). And The Eastern Peshitta is near identical with its readings, but not the Greek copies, and not the Western Peshitto.


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