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Question For Brother Paul (Or Any Other Peshitta Scholar)
That's interesting. I know Etheridge stated to pronounce "Juchananon" as "Yuhananon", so I assume you are pronounce "Jeshu" as "Yeshu". I prefer the Etheridge of the two. How much difference is there between the Peshitto and the Peshitta? I only know that Acts 20:28 is different and that the Western Five is not in the Peshitta canon. Out of all of the translations of the Peshitta I've genuinely read, the Etheridge, Murdock, and AENT are the best translations of the Aramaic New Testament. Bauscher is real good too, but delves into interpretation more than the prior three I mentioned. The Lamsa Bible is a decent translation, but it is the least accurate translation of the Peshitta I own.

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