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Question For Brother Paul (Or Any Other Peshitta Scholar)

Quote:A viewer and I were wondering if the Eastern canon was in different order (besides the Western Five being omitted in the Eastern Peshitta) than the Western canon.

The Eastern Aramaic Peshitta Kahbouris Manuscript, which is most likely only a 3rd generational copy of the same New Testament that was given by The Apostles to The Church of the East, has this order of N.T. Books.


Acts of The Apostles

The Letter of Apostle James
The Letter of Apostle Peter (1st)
The Letter of Apostle John (1st)

The Letters of Apostle Paul, 14 including Hebrews

Which ends The New Testament, as was given to the Church of the East by The Apostles, as witnessed to be as early as 78 A.D. and before the other books, which were long disputed (300 years) to be from The Apostles, even in the Western Church, which often added even more books to their copies of the New Testament, such as The Letter of Hermas, The Letter of Barnabas, and The Letters of Clement.

The Church of the East didn't even know about the books of 2nd & 3rd John, 2nd Peter, Jude, and Revelation, as late as the 1840s, when a Missionary brought a copy of the Protestant Vesion of the Bible among them. They didn't/don't reject them, but hold them in a 2nd place position and do not include them in the Liturgical readings...though they are studied and qouted in Church teachings.


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