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Question For Brother Paul (Or Any Other Peshitta Scholar)

Etheridge and Murdoch's translation are pretty literal and faithful to the text they used, but it's not the Eastern Peshitta, but rather the Western Peshitto version. Roth worked in the Eastern Peshitta readings into Murdoch's translation, modifying some of the names and this and that to make it sound more "Hebrew", Alaha=Elohim MarYa=Master YHWH, and M'Shikha=Mashiyach...which to me is no big deal, as it gets things across just fine.

You can download the "Nook" program on your computer, and get Magiera's regular translation for 9 bucks. I did that, so I could check it out 1st, before buying the printed copies.

Iv'e also got William Norton's translations here in printed form, which I got pretty cheap from you can read his translations free online...but again it's translated from the Western Peshitto version of the Eastern Peshitta Text, though his notes indicate where a variant exists.

So far, Mr. Younan's Interlinear, and Mr. Roth's version are the only English texts, which has all the Eastern Peshitta readings intact. Both Mr. Lamsa and Mr. Bauscher, have mislead people, by calling their translations the "Original" and "Eastern" Peshitta, neither of them are. They are the Western Peshitto, in a new dress. All others we can look at, are also the Western Peshitto text.

I'm glad you made the videos. Good job.


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