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Gadarenes, Gergesenes, Gerasenes

While in Matthew 8:28 the Greek "Majority Text", and the Greek "Textus Receptus" Reads "Gergesenes" the accounts in Mark 5:1 and that in Luke 8:26 say this was ?the country of the Gadarenes,? with many Greek manuscripts of Matthew also have the reading of ?Gadarenes.?

Gadara was an important city about six to eight miles southeast of the sea of Galilee and apparently was the political center of the entire region. Some Greek manuscripts have the reading ?Geresenes? in Mark and Luke's account (both Gergesa and Gerasa were distinct cities of the Decapolis, like Gadara was as well), but the most probable reading is ?Gadarenes,? which best fits the geographical implications in the three accounts.

These discrepencies in the Greek text goes back along way in the various Greek conflicting texts, as I have read the Greek Church father Origen's comments on this conflicting matter, where he writes about it in about 240 A.D.

The Greek textual tradition here is quite complicated. Most Greek mss in Matt 8:28, especially later ones have the reading ?Gadarenes?, with some others having the reading ?Gergesenes? while early representatives of the Alexandrian and Western texttypes have the reading ?Gerasenes,?.

For Luke 8:26, "Gerasenes" is seen in these Greek and other ancient language mss (P75, B, D, 0267, latt, cosa, and boms) with "Gergesenes" being seen in (N, L, X, O, I, f1, 22, 33, 157, 579, 700*, 1241, 1342, syrpal, cobo, aramean, georgian, -also in Eusebius, and Epiphanius) and "Gadarenes" seen in (A R W Y 0135 f13 700c 1071 Byzantine Syr, and Gothic)

So....Bar Sinko, please tell us, which of the Greek versions do you say we should consider the original then, when they differ with each other in this matter and many other places?


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