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John 1:1 Aramaic Text Pronunciation
I copied Andrew Gabriel Roth's Hebrew/Aramaic alphabet out of the appendix to his translation of the Peshitta New Testament. Except for the first four words, I think I figured out how to pronounce them by writing them on a sheet of paper and using the alphabet and vowel pages. I am not posting this to gloat, but to see if I got it completely right.

"Beresheet aytohi hwa Miltha wuhw Miltha aytohi hwa luwah Alaha w'Alaha aytohi hwa huw Miltha."- Yochanan 1:1

"In the beginning was the Miltha and the Miltha was with God and God was that Miltha."- John 1:1
Excellent SS.

Here's a phonetic spelling if you want to practice reciting according to the eastern pronunciation (remember that some letters are silent, as in English).

I've separated syllables with a dash (-). Try a short pause when you encounter the syllable break.

In words with more than one syllable, usually one of the syllables is stressed. I've included an at sign (@) where the emphasis (or stress) should be. When stressed, it should be clear and firm. Unstressed syllables should be quick, and almost under your breath silent. Words with a single syllable should be stressed.

Vowels like a, i, o and e are soft, unless doubled, in which case read them in the hard pronunciation.

Bee-@ra-sheeth ith hwa @Mil-tha.
u haw @Mil-tha ith hwa lwath @Ala-ha.
u @Ala-ha ith hwa haw @Mil-tha.

Thanks, Brother! It's nice to get a reply and help from a native speaker of this beautiful language. I'm hoping to order the Bauscher translation sometime in the next few weeks...A Syriac dictionary in hard copy would probably help. The Hebrew typeface is a lot easier for me to read than the Estrangelo type, but the Estrangelo font is gorgeous.
In case you don't know this SS2, Bauscher does not use the Estrangela script in his interlinear...and the latest edition of Roth's has changed the script to Hebrew characters, as is also found in Bauscher's interlinear.

I think Magiera's vertical interlinear is in the Estrangela script, though she and Bauscher both go with the Western Peshitto readings. But Magiera has a few less of them for some reason, opting to go with a few Eastern readings. Roth's is all Eastern readings for the 22 books.

Yep, I'm aware. I'll probably get the Magiera material also at some point.

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