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Peshitta Aramaic Massorah - Matheus 28:19
Shalom Chaverim!

Can anyone tell me if the pesshita massorah Aramaic, found in Matthew 28:19 to baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?

I wonder if this formula is authentic or not.

Thanks for the help?

Do you mean the Hebrew Matthew of Shem Tov/Dutillet?

That version is highly suspected to be tampered with. It was given to e.g. the spanish jews, who could use it to fight eventual banning by the catholics in that time, from the country.
Long story, but I give you a few pointers to do some research on.

The ending of matthew 28:19,20 can be, however, called unique compared to the other gospels. I personally do not see here that the Peshitta rendering (or the accepted Greek text) is tampered with.

Also see this discussion.
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There is -no doubt- that all church fathers, all ancient greek texts and the peshitta have the same reading but Shem Tov.
We have no evidence this formula was adopted by the emissaries themselves; it's only seen this one time in the writing of Matthew.
It's hard to reject the reading, but it's also quite hard to accept it.

There is an advantage to reading the verse 28:19 with 'in my name,' of which the foremost is consistency with the words found in the book of the acts and those declared by Shim'un Kifa and his cronies. What is there beyond an advantage? The loss of a traditional reading and, some would say, the loss of a valid immersion. The latter of these is by no means outlined by the emissaries. Would immersion in the name of Yeshua somehow be invalid since, as Paul writes, we're immersed into Yeshua's death... not into a trinity or a death thereof -- an immersion of purity in the name of Yeshua and a life following that purity.
And then Yeshua will deny one because of a formula? Then answer this:
How come Shim'un Kifa immersed in Yeshua's name? Was he unknowingly condemning the new-found life of thousands?

I don't intend to light flames here, just some questions for discussion.
I believe that "In the Name of" means exactly this..."In the Authority of" And we know that ALL Authority in both Heaven and on Earth is given unto Jesus Christ... so this may be the reason we see this form in Acts. They must have understood, that "In the Name of" meant "In the Authority of" The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit =Trinity...and ALL that Authority was Christ's, to bestow forgivness of sin, and Eternal Life among all other things.

Akhy Aaron,

Did you read the contents of that link you posted? The triniatarian formula was mentioned by ignatius and in the didache, both from the late first century.
Also, isn't that forum a kind of atheist haven?
I've edited my post... perhaps the link was unnecessary and distracted from what I was trying to say.
I understand name to be authority also.

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