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Mysteries of the kingdom, written by His Grace Mar Awa Royel
This book is absolutely fantastic, for anyone wanting to understand the sacraments of the Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East then I highly recommend this book.

Mar Awa is a blessed servant of the Lord and his ability to convey the message of the Holy Sacraments that are united in the Orthodox faith is beautiful.

It can be purchased at amazon for a mere $20.00, trust me when I say that this book is invaluable.

God bless!
So has anyone bought it? I'm up to page 130 and it is a brilliant book.
OK! You finally got me to order it.
I'm reading it...and it's well documented and lays it all out in great detail, I don't know that it goes into the issue of the Two Natures of Christ though, as The Marganitha does...which is fine, as it is laid out pretty plain there, and is not really related to the subject of The Sacraments themselves, which Mar Awa's book is all about.

This book is amazing to say the least...and a must read for all those who want to know the deeper things of The Church of the East.

It's a modern treatise of the ACOE, it is needed because many youth are turning away from the church and joining happy clapper congregations that teach God is a vending machine. I suggest buying and giving this book to those who have left the Church because it will surely make them think.

I will be placing a bulk order here for all the guys in our Bible studies classes, as we want to incorporate this book into our classes.
I also saw someplace online, where it lists a work in progress by his Grace, Mar Awa Royel, on the matter of Heresies, which I believe is dealing with modern ones as well as ancient. I'll look more into this, but if true, it will be interesting to say the least.

Yes his Grace has other book In the pipeline. May God guide his thoughts and bless him.

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