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Matthew was written in Aramaic?
Shalom Alecha!

We based on the writings of church fathers see that the gospel of Matthew was written in Hebrew. It really holds? If not, what would be the overwhelming evidence that it was written in Aramaic?

Thanks for the help!

Well, there are several sources (eg. dictionaries) that tell that 'Hebrew' was the language of the Hebrews, e.g. Aramaic.
Also an important argument in this matter. It is well known that 'classic' hebrew, the Hebrew of Moses was a dead language at that time. It was being read in the Synagoge, and then red again using a Targum.
So, if Matthew wrote his gospel in classic or Hasmonean Hebrew, that would be very interesting but unlikely to happen. It would be a book for the educated minority of Jerusalem.
Last best argument. ALL (but one or two) transliterations in the Greek Matthew, e.g. words that are not Greek, are Aramaic words.
Especially the Matthew Gospel is full of Aramisms.

On this forum, there are lots of samples of Aramaic words in the Greek Matthew gospel.

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