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The Gospel of Thomas

After searching the Forum, I have not found anything regarding the Gospel of Thomas. I would like to find out the opinions of people that frequent this forum. Does anyone view this as a Gospel of sayings of Our Lord? There are two references to Yeshua's divinity in it at least. From my research it appears there was an early Syriac/Aramaic version of the Gospel of Thomas which was lost. Thomas (Tau'ma) means twin in Aramaic which points to the possibility of this being a gospel originally written in Aramaic.

Thank you,

They say that when you a look at the real long enough, that its easy to know a fake when you see it. When you read the real Words of Jesus in the real Gospels and get to know what and how He speaks it, you will easily know, after reading the "gospel of Thomas", that it is certianly a fake. In the late 2nd and early 3rd century it was considered a phony, by both Hipolytus, and Origen, and was said to be written by one of the disciples of the false teacher Mani, the founder of the heretical sect called "The Manicheans, which flourished in the east, and mixed zoroastrianism and Buhddism with Christian teachings...
Interesting. I did catch hints of "non-duality" eastern thought in it for sure. Some of the sayings attributed to Lord Yeshua in the Synoptic Gospels are also found in the Gospel of Thomas.

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