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Hymns lyrics
OK, so this discussion has really made me very interested in visiting a COE liturgy as well. I live in Germany and I searched the web and found this website: <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->. It seems there is a parish in Germany, but the site doesn't give a city or address. Does anyone know where this parish is located? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
It can be an awesome experience. I've been to a couple of services here in Chicago (also Bible study, etc.). People were so warm and welcoming, it felt right at home.

I didn't even know such churches existed, where the main part of the service was the reading of various parts from the Word and where the actual, unfiltered words of MarYah were kept in high regard.
Later on I also visited a conservative Lutheran church and was surprised to notice how SIMILAR the service and church setup was to what I saw in COE. Is it wonder that some called COE the eastern protestants?
I don't know why some in COE want to join Roman Catholic church, in my opinion they would do much better to absorb the conservative branches of Lutheran churches. :-)

Does some quest for power and recognition has anything to do with the desire to unite with Roman Church? I hope not.
Hi Keith.

Our Qasha here in Chicago served at Mar Shimun bar-Sabbai parish in Germany. I'll ask him for the address and get back to you.


Just to add to your list of hymns, here is one I really like. It's an older recording so the sound quality isn't as good as the modern ones but I love it anyways. It has an English translation on the video. Perhaps shamasha Paul can let us know if it's an accurate translation.

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Mshikaya, Mar Odisho has the best voice in the church, does he not? I love that hymn. Thanks so much or posting. I quickly bookmarked it.


Ps- the translation is spot on.
Paul Younan Wrote:Mshikaya, Mar Odisho has the best voice in the church, does he not? I love that hymn. Thanks so much or posting. I quickly bookmarked it.


Ps- the translation is spot on.

Indeed he does, shamasha. He is truly blessed with a beautiful voice.
I listen to these hymns now everyday...very moving in sound, but I cant understand the words sorry to say. Brother Paul, did you say you could give the translation to them here? Or is there a site where I can read them perhaps? Thanks again for that one you showed...I shared that with my Wife as well, reading the words along with the Hymn as it placed, so she could know what was being sung.

Also, is the regular services done in Aramaic I wonder and are some of the hymns part of the rugular Liturgy? I am looking for an English audio recording of The Liturgy of the Church of The East in Aramaic, if it exists...if not, maybe I could record a service myself, as I have a very high quality recording device to capture both the visual and audio in HD video and CD quality audio.

I have CD recordings now of The Divine Liturgy of the Greek Orthodox Church (St. John Chystosom's version, In English & Greek) as well as St. Basil (In Greek only so far). Also The Divine Liturgy of the Holy Orthodox Church of Antioch (in English only so far).

This all started for me on Passover this year, when I was invited by a friend to attend St. Peter and Paul's Antiochian Orthodox Church in a city up in the Redwoods near where I live...My 1st Liturgy experiance, after learning about these things over the years. I thought it was fantastic, surprisingly so...

After being a student of Church History for some years now, I believe that The Church of The East, is closer to the form that it was in the late 1st century...when things were pretty much set as to practice and form of the public gathering and service.

Paul, I don't see any Icons on the wall in the pictures, as I did all over the walls in the Antiochian Orthodox Church I there a reason for this?
Hi Chuck. Sorry so late, I will translate them here. Which is your favorite? I'll do that one first.

The CoE has no icons or statues within the church. Only a simple Cross.
Dear beloved Shamasha Deacon Paul, Berek Alaha and Msheekha is Risen!!! In the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox churches we greet oneanother with the greeting Christ is risen from Easter Sunday until the feast of the ascension.I wanted to say how beautiful it is that the COE will give the blessing of the Holy Eucharest to all baptised Christians.The Orthodox churches are so strict even between the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox that communian isnt shared due to the tragic missunderstandings of the council of Chalcedon.This also tragically applies also to the tragedy of the council of Ephesus.It is very Christ-Msheekha like to commune all baptised Christians as the COE does.I have a very strong calling to the monastic life and pray there was a COE in Minneapolis where I live and a up and running COE monastery but alas there isnt one at the moment.I was contacted by Mar AWA however as he got my E-mail address from a COE Priest in Austrailia who sent him my address as I wrote of my deep spiritual connection with the COE and my strong calling to the monastic life.His grace Mar Awa said he truely felt the Lord has guided me to the COE and that there were plans for a monastery of the COE to be built in the USA in the next couple of years and said I would be very welcomed to be a part of it.What a tremendous blessing that would be.In the meanwhile I struggle to live the monastic life as fully as possible,following the traditional monastic typicon of daily prayer and fasting and await this great blessing.I continue to go to an Orthodox church as I'm a Deacon in the Oriental church but go to an Eastern Orthodox church as the liturgy is in English which I prefer.In Yashua,Deacon Michael.
Brother Paul... "Father of Truth" 1st please. It is my second fav so far...after the one you already translated...BUT they all are fantastic in every way. Hauntingly beautiful...and Anointed by God.

You know...this is the 1st time I have heard Aramaic sung...and I am blown away. I have always loved the sound of the Middle-eastern lands...but all I have heard before was from Islamic sources and so I could not feed on it, because of the false religion aspect of the words.
I hear what you're saying. This is the language of your faith and of your saviour so you hear the words in a different way.

I'll do Awa d'Qushta first.
Awa d'Qushta

Father of truth, behold your Son, the Sacrifice in whom You are pleased.

Accept Him, for He died for me, so that through Him I might be pardoned.

Behold the Offering and accept it from my hands, that I may be reconciled.

That You may not remember the sins that I have committed before Your Majesty.

Here is the Blood which was shed on Golgotha for my salvation.

It prays for me, that You may accept my supplication because of it.

Great in number are my sins, but Your mercy is greater. If you weigh them in the balance, Your mercy will have more weight than the highest mountains.

Look upon both my offenses and upon the Sacrifice that is offered for them, for the Offering and the Sacrifice are greater than the offences.

Because I have sinned, nails and the spear Your Beloved accepted.

His sufferings are enough to satisfy you.

By them I shall live.

Glory to the Father who sent the Son for us.

And adoration be to the Son who by His Cross made us free.

Blessed be the Sprit by whom has been perfected the mystery if salvation and who, by His love, has given life to us all.

To Him be the glory.
Thank you so much for the translation Shamasha.

I listen to that hymn all the time and it's great to finally get a complete understanding of it.
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This hymn is so vivid, it sounds so real as if the author is describing something that he's actually seen himself. My words sound so hollow compared to the depths of this hymn, this song is simply out of heaven.
borota Wrote:
This hymn is so vivid, it sounds so real as if the author is describing something that he's actually seen himself. My words sound so hollow compared to the depths of this hymn, this song is simply out of heaven.

The Hymn is sung by His Grace Bishop Mar Odisho Oraham.

I have a whole heap of Hymns which I will make available to members of this forum in the next couple of months, God willing.

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