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Prophet Muhammad, the "Paraclete"
distazo Wrote:
anthea26 Wrote:Muslims claim that their 'prophet' is the paraclete. Now, when we read the Gospel of John it is clear that he was not speaking of a prophet who would come after him. Jesus came and did what he did - job done!

(Please provide transliteration and the word in Aramaic/Syriac script if possible.)



The oldest Peshitta, written long before the first book called quran, has this; Paraq+Qlayta
This means deliverer of the curse, according to Bauscher.


while i'm all for the Peshitta bringing clarity to the Greek understanding, the Greek idea of PARAKLETOS was well-known to the Hebrew mind. you can find it in the Talmud, even, and the targum to Job, etc.. the sin offerings that were offered daily are even called PARACLETES. i can share the actual references if you'd be interested.

so i am inclined to believe that what the Peshitta preserved was a wonderful instance of a bilingual wordplay, where a term that sounded almost exactly the same in two languages, but with two very different meanings, fit the text perfectly. i really don't think advocating (no pun intended, seriously) for one term or the other is of any benefit to anyone, because if you take the stance that the Peshitta is involved in a bilingual wordplay, than THAT is FAR more significant to the case of establishing primacy than to say that the Greek term was actually a mistranslation of the Aramaic. i say this because the HEBREW TN"K has instances of bilingual wordplays (i could share these, as well), and nobody is contesting the primacy of the Hebrew in those instances. so if the same were to be pushed on the Peshitta Primacy side of things, then it is all the more in favor of the validity of our arguments.

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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