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Can anyone translate this for me (Hebrew 13:11-12)
I need especially verse 12.
"meTul hana af yeshu3 danqadesh l3ameh badhmeh lbhar men mdhiyntha 7ash"
(Sorry, dunno to type Syriac.)

13:11 For those animals, whose blood the high priest took into the sanctuary for sins, had their flesh burned without the camp.
13:12 On this account Jeshu, that he might sanctify his people by his blood, without the city suffered.
(I found this in Khabouris Codex in "dukhrana")

My English's suck, not to mention my Aramaic.
But could someone give me word-by-word translation of verse 12?

It seems that the translation doesn't mean Yeshua was hanged outside the city....
Is verse 12 really implying that Yeshua was crucified outside Jerusalem? Because in verse 11, it seems stating Yeshua was crucified and bleed inside the "sanctuary"(Jerusalem?), and buried outside the city... am I correct? ...
... their flesh burning it was outside from the encampment. 12 Wherefore such this also Yeshua, of to sanctify to his people by his blood, outside from the city suffered.

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