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justalex Wrote:
Burning one Wrote:Shlama,

the tern ELOHEYNU simple means "our Elohim." it is an inflected form of the noun, so you won't find it in a Strong's under the term headings. it is all over Scripture whenever you see "our God / Elohim."

the suffix appears on all types of terms: Adoneynu (our lord), simchateynu (our joy), kaporateynu (our atonement), etc..

as for the rest of your email, the poster says ECHAD means "one," and not a unity, yet it should be mentioned that the man and the woman, who are distinct individuals, become "one" flesh, yet remain two people, so there is a unity involved in ECHAD. whether one desires to apply that to YHWH as Elohim lay within one's personal interpretation of His nature, but ECHAD doesn't absolutely necessitate a singularity.

but as for the "tone" of this poster, i tend to think you are probably wasting your time no matter what you discuss...

Chayim b'Moshiach,


The "tone" of the poster remains the same with all. There is no preferential treatment because I agree or disagree on any particular subject as I tend to lean toward trusting the DBR YHWH above any of man's "opinions" of it, or me. I may very well agree with something you say today and disagree with you on tomorrow, yet, I will not lace my words with sugar in either case. Unfortunately this is not true of "everyone" that seeks the Panayim YHWH. As they would lift themselves (or others) to elevated status because of a preconceived notion based on "man's" supposed knowledge.

Now if that sounds hard or harsh, so be it, however perhaps you should know the beginning BEFORE you make an errant judgement based on a biased and one-sided statement.


Shlama Alex,

if you use the same tone with all, then it is even more troubling than were it a single instance of vitriol. as followers of Messiah our words are commanded to be seasoned with salt, are they not? we're supposed to show love even in the midst of disagreement, and to be honest, Alex, your post which i was originally responding to lacks that. i'm totally fine with strongly disagreeing on any number of points, but the tone of a poster makes all the difference. even on here i recently strongly disagreed with a conclusion another brother reached, and yet the tone of our posts remained amicable even though we never reached agreement on the matter.

so behave like Messiah commanded of His students and all will be well. it is to your benefit and benefit of us all, even those with whom you might disagree. seriously, no matter how much you might disagree with a translator, is it in the best interest of truth to really suggest their contribution to the world of NT studies be useful only to start a fire? it is things like that which yield insightful glimpses into where the poster is coming from: the spirit or the flesh. it is easy to operate in the flesh when we disagree, but the true test of maturity is to refrain from the vitriol and make the points necessary for the continuation of the discussion. i hope you can see that at least and make some changes to the tone which you admit is the same to all.

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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