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Burning one Wrote:Shlama,

ah, ELOHEY is better translated "God of," while ELOHEYNU would stem from ELOAH, specifically, which is indeed singular. in the "Shema," ELOHEYNU specifically would be referring to "our Eloah," and not "our Elohey," as it would not make much sense in Hebrew grammar. hope that helps!

Chayim b'Moshiach,
In reference to the following link.

Ref. Link: Deuteronomy 6:1-25

At Duet 6:4 in the WLC Interlinear we find - hear-you! Israel Yahweh Elohim-of?us Yahweh one. In research this, I have NOT found any "" (or "Our Eloah") counter part in any publications, just as in this example case by the Scripture4all Foundation, so if this wrong ...why (...and where are the Interlinears with "our.Eloah/" for Eloaheynu)?

I ask this is to any reader, what do you think of this software? Do you know of any school(s) or people who use it?

Ref. Link: Interlinear Scripture Analyzer

Thanks in advance!
Peace in knowing Y'shu(Yeshu)/Jesus

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