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the tern ELOHEYNU simple means "our Elohim." it is an inflected form of the noun, so you won't find it in a Strong's under the term headings. it is all over Scripture whenever you see "our God / Elohim."

the suffix appears on all types of terms: Adoneynu (our lord), simchateynu (our joy), kaporateynu (our atonement), etc..

as for the rest of your email, the poster says ECHAD means "one," and not a unity, yet it should be mentioned that the man and the woman, who are distinct individuals, become "one" flesh, yet remain two people, so there is a unity involved in ECHAD. whether one desires to apply that to YHWH as Elohim lay within one's personal interpretation of His nature, but ECHAD doesn't absolutely necessitate a singularity.

but as for the "tone" of this poster, i tend to think you are probably wasting your time no matter what you discuss...

Chayim b'Moshiach,

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