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Norton-aholics Anonymous

THE MEANING OF THE WORD PESHITO, as applied to these works, seems to have been that they were CORRECT. It is used in Heb i 8;-- a CORRECT, -- a righteous sceptre is the sceptre of thy kingdom." It is also used to express FAITHFULNESS in 2 Cor i. 12; xi. 3 and Eph vi. 5. JD Michaelis says I would translate Peshito PURE, UNCORRUPTED, ACCURATE and suppose that the Syrians gave it this title to express their confidence in its FIDELITY. Bishop Herbert Marsh, another competent judge, has said, It is probable that the Syrians intended to express by PESHITO the CORRECT or FAITHFUL version. (Marsh's Translation of the Introduction of JD Michaelis to the NT 1823 vol ii., pp 40, 634.

Bro. Larry

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