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Professor Gutbier's dogged determination
Shlama / Shalom,

More from Norton.....
The edition printed at Hamburg by Professor Gutbier in 1664 (12mo- whatever that means-print size perhaps??), with a Lexicon of the Syriac words in the Peshito, 1667, with various readings etc.; designed chiefly to aid students, and well fitted to do so. He could not find anyone willing to undertake the care and cost of this edition. But so highly did he esteem the Peshito, that he resolved to bear the cost himself. He bought type and a press, and had the work printed under his own eye, in his own house. Hug says that Gutbier's edition surpassed all preceding ones "in point of utility." (Hug's Introduction to N. T. by Fosdick, page 214.)

Bro. Larry

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