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Paul Younan's Interlinear Translation (English Portions)
Hello Everyone,
As you all know, Laurence L. Sheets Kindly supplied English Portions of Paul Younan's Interlinear Translation at But while reading english portions, I found out that there are errors in English Portions. So I thought I should correct those errors and post them so that everyone can read them in English.

I am posting First 5 chapters of Mattai.

Here is the link to the first 5 chapters.

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Click on the "Free User" to download.
Hello Everyone,
I finished English Portions of Paul Younan's Translation of Gospel of Mattai. I also added "Notes" Section to every chapter and also made several changes with First 5 chapters. There are other files including Not in Peshitta, Was New Testament written in Greek (Compiled by Raphael Lataster), and Peshitta Powerpoint Presentation.

Here is the link.
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if this link doesn't work, then you may try this link.
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Thanks to Raphael Lataster's website, Lamsa's Translation, Etheridge Translation gave me a huge help in organizing English Portions of Gospel of Mattai. Murdock's Translation, and Gospel of Mattai at essenescrolls also gave a great hand in organizing some of verses in Mattai's Gospel. I hope you all will like it. I am going to start Gospel of Marqus soon.

I also thank Paul Younan and this forum for providing many important informations about Peshitta.

I am also interested in hearing your opinions about it. if you find any errors, you can edit them. if you want me to credit me for this work, then you can credit like this.

Paul Younan's Interlinear Translation (Gospel of Mattai)

English Portions by Laurence L. Sheets and Sony Cherian
Hi Everyone,

I need help! I am looking for an interlinear aramaic/english for Colossians. Can anyone direct me to this? I am writing a series of papers on Colossians can really need an interlinear.

Thanks in advance.

Tracy from Seattle
Unfortunately, I don't have an interlinear translation of Colossians. But you can find translations of Colossians on Aramaic Repository in Murdock Bible, Etheridge Bible, and Lamsa Bible.

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My Interlinear New Testament is posted along with Paul Younan's Gospels Interlinear at under Aramaic Peshitta Interlinear.

Dave Bauscher
Get my NT translations, books & articles at :
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I also have articles at
I didn't know that. Thanks for telling me about your Interlinear New Testament. Thanks to You, I can easily organize them as English Portions and add Notes in Notes Section of Each Chapter. This will help me a lot in spreading Peshitta especially to the people in South India. Orthodox Christians and Jacobite Christians are familiar with Peshitta, because "Peshitto" is available for them in Malayalam (Language of Kerala). But other Christian denominations are not familiar with Peshitta and Peshitto.

Once again, Thank you so much.
gbausc Wrote:My Interlinear New Testament is posted along with Paul Younan's Gospels Interlinear at under Aramaic Peshitta Interlinear.

Dave Bauscher

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