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Old news: 1500 yr ? old Aramaic Christian book found

I dont know what it is. It doesnt look like anything coherent to me. I can see Arabic, Hebrew Ashuri Characters, paleo Hebrew/Canaanite, Aramaic merged with Arabic, Aramaic upside down, Greek, and possibly some other which I do not know, looks like he was covering all his bases!

I can see some words there, Disciples is quite clear on one page, truth, prayer, all, Eesho, righteous, fifty.

The Script in Aramaic is Swadaya, some of the words on certain pages have breaks in-between the letters where old printed texts of Aramaic would have had them due to the limitations of their printing.

Nice pictures though.

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Re: Great news. A new 1500 yr Peshitta NT copy has been found - by Sami Rabia - 06-28-2010, 06:23 PM

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