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On Murdock and Mari
Shlama to you Akhi Dawid---

I certainly appreciate your overall review of my work and your very kind words. Of course there are 70+ articles in the appendices dealing with a wide variety of topics. I am glad you like Almah and you are certainly entitled to your opinion about Josephus. I know there is no way for everyone to like every single article or even every single line of my translation.What is there is meant to help people of many different tastes, viewpoints and emphases, which of course means each person will feel some parts resonate more than others, or even out and out not like something. That is fine with me though.

As for Murdock, you will see that sometimes I say he did great and other times I strongly disagree with him. It is hardly an absolute endorsement. On the other hand, I do think highly overall of Murdock. Remember also that Murdock is translating from the Western text and I am not, and he certainly is not using Khabouris at all because it was unknown in the West during his lifetime. It is Murdock's use of the Western text (same with Etheridge but not with Lamsa) that has sometimes drawn some fire against him. Also Murdock's English can be archaic in many places, and there are certain interchangings of terminology that I don't like and say so. Suffice to say I hope those issues are dealt with thoroughly enough, particularly in the footnotes.

My idea with Mari was to represent the spectrum of readings, annotate the differences, and let the reader decide for themselves. That's why I chose an interlinear format in the first place, but to be fair to Murdock, his original translation (as opposed to the plain text version on line) references many Aramaic words in the side panels. It is somewhere between straight English and an interlinear. Etheridge also in admirable, but for other reasons. Lamsa of course made a point of going from the Eastern text for the 22. Paul Younan's interlinear is also great, of course.

Hope this helps and thank you once again.
Shlama w'burkate
Andrew Gabriel Roth

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