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Reviewing Andrew's Translation
rungold315 Wrote:Did you ever find MARI a bit difficult to read? I guess its so literal, the Yoda effect comes into play. For instance, "The toy the child did pick up to play" as opposed to "The child picked up the toy to play."

Haha, I hear you rungold. Every translation serves a need of some kind. Indeed MARI makes rather awkward public reading though it is the best for intensive study, but that's what Andrew was aiming for anyway. For "readability" Magiera's translation is still my favorite but no, it's not as accurate as MARI and not translated from the correct text. I'm in no way disappointed with MARI, it's a fantastic resource for Peshitta primacy, reveals the real readings of the Peshitta (unlike other translations which are often still conformed to the Greek) and for really getting inside Yeshua's world.

But while the Peshitta itself is very elegant and a poetic pleasure to listen to it being read (even more so if one understands it), what we still lack is a translation that is suitable to be read in a "church service" so to speak. In this case while the translation must but be accurate, elegance is more important than literalism, after all the Scriptures aren't just meant to be read but also to be read aloud.

Paul has provided us with an interlinear, and Andrew has provided us with a study edition, the only kind of English translation left to do is an assembly edition.
Shalom, Shlama, Salaam & Yiasou.

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